Blogging About Lecture, Part VIII: The Final Lecture Blog

Hey, reader(s)! 

This blog is coming to you much later than intended because yours truly just plain forgot to do it last week.  

Our last official lecture featured Kevin Quealy from the New York Times over Skype. Quealy is a graphics editor at the times, and has made some really neat, eye-catching infographics. But there is more to them that meets the eye. They are interactive. 

Take, for example, this infographic. It shows the finishing times of every Olympic sprinter who won a medal in the 100 meter dash. The video and the interactive chart allow the Times to convey more information than a simple print infographic would. The infographics also tell a story; explaining visually just how much faster sprinters have become over the years. Text alone would definitely not work in this case, and it just so happens that very little text at all is needed aside from labels to tell the story.

Personally, I have always admired the great work that infographic artists do. There are so many talented artists who come up with innovative and eye-pleasing ways to convey information…not all of whom work at big city newspapers. I saw a very well done infographic in none other than MU’s very own Maneater.


I really like the concept of “graphing” some of the school year’s biggest stories and assigning reaction values to them. I think that David Freyermuth, the designer, did a good job of choosing appropriate colors and fonts that aren’t too busy. I like the humor element too. 

That’s all I really have to say about infographics. Keep an eye out for my final blog post of the semester, which I will post by tomorrow.